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21 June 2016

Why you shouldn't use external Templates in blogger?

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All the steps are given with Images
Why you shouldn't use external Templates in blogger? Build new one up from its own basic templates.
  It's not big but informative. Just get back to your seat and relax guys. Many newly arrived peoples are made a big mistake in this matter and upcoming bloggers also will do this. They choose attractive XML templates from external sites. Now, What is the worse because of this? There is a proverb too, Beautiful is also Dangerous too.
  Customization has a main contribution in maintenance of a blog. You might already have experienced that, It is necessary to customize and modify your blog often as your needs and to reach more viewers. It is very hard to think, if you can't customize your blog for some needs after you did many more with this. Basement should be made very very correctly for everything. Are you with me?
  Another bad thing is images linked with the templates also may be gone if its host stops hosting. After that you sites' whole decorations also will be crashed. How will you feel then? It is not search engine friendly too. I don't know how. But it is true. It may be because of its size. Some options in template customize aren't work for the external templates including its layout length. There are many options won't work for them. You have to edit them via coding which may blow your entire template.
So, What is the easy way to go?
  Build your own template from basic templates offered by Google blogger. You may also better to select dynamics templates from blogger by its default. It is very easy to make a unique template and possible to create more than billion of them. Just follow these simple steps to go.
  • Choose any of the template available by default in blogger from lists Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc., Watermark, Ethereal, Travel.

  • Go to Customize button in orange color in Templates (See Picture).
  • Now you will see blogger's template editor interface. It is able to switch to the default template here also. Jump to Background tab in the left top corner. Set any background you want preloaded designs or upload your own picture. If you want plain background, leave it to none. Select a color theme. Its color pattern going to be changed in following step. Select any your favor.

  • Then jump to layout tab. Don't adjust its widths before this step which will be useless after chose another layout. Then Select anyone for main layout and footer layout suit to you.

  • Go to Adjust Width tab. Adjust side and main wrap width of your template. All changes are shown instantly below the settings.

  • Go to Advanced tab and Customize everything there as your needs. You can change texts' font, color, size etc to Page text, title, links etc individually. 

  •  Click on Apply to Blog and Hit Back to Blogger.

  • Go to the Layout tab from list in left. Adjust all of your gadgets' position including Header and Menu/ Pages. You can use Labels gadget instead for Menu/ Pages. You can insert your own HTML or Script here. For decent blog, hide/ off navigation bar and set your own Favicon. Try Google Adsense which is to earn some money from your blog impressions and ads click.

  That's all guys. You have got a impressive and smart template which is only in your blog. Don't forget to share, like or plus, tweet our site. Thanks again for your arrival.

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